My name is Tyler Walker. I'm a software engineer with a leadership addiction. I work at Microsoft on the Enterprise 360 team within the Cloud + AI organization. I write about software engineering, product delivery, and leadership among other things.

Standing at the Fremont Lookout near Mt. Rainier in August 2020

As a software engineer, I work with Microsoft's network engineers that maintain our enterprise infrastructure across buildings and data centers. I am currently focused on building an internal product that uses automation and Azure workloads to reduce the amount of manual work needed to service the company's 18,000+ devices.

In my personal life I like to go on walks with my dog, hike with friends, and cook lots of different kinds of food. I grew up in the Seattle area and went to school at Washington State University and I interned for Goldman Sachs in New York. After graduating I moved back to Seattle and got my dog Rainier.