Developing Developers

Since childhood, I've had a passion for helping the folks that are typically left in the margins. One of my core beliefs is that if I'm able to help folks achieve more, they will pay it forward and help the people around them.

Resume Review

Your resume is a 1-page introduction to your professional qualifications. It's incredibly difficult to find a succinct way to explain your education, work history, and skills in such a way that you immediately compel a recruiter to want to follow-up with you.

If you're just starting to write out your  resume, check out Isabela's resume blog posts. She's got some really great content on the topic about your formatting and content.

Once you have a resume that's ready for another set of eyes, feel free to send it to me on LinkedIn. Depending on how popular this gets I may delegate the task, but sometimes just having another set of eyes on your resume will make a huge difference.

One-on-One Meetings

If you're struggling to find your first job in the tech industry, I'd be happy to help. Folks that are interested should message me on LinkedIn. Depending on my availability, we can either do a Zoom call or message on LinkedIn.

Some of the things I can speak to:

  • Tips for succeeding in technical interviews
  • Being openly LGBT at work
  • Figuring out salary expectations
  • Deciding whether or not a company is right for you

Tech Talks & Industry Events

I gave my first tech talks were to small crowds of college students in the basement of one of  Washington State University's dingiest buildings. If you're looking for technical presenters or someone to talk to your class/club about what it's like working in industry message me on LinkedIn to schedule it.